Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico della Università di Padova

Historical Notes

The first volume of the Rendiconti was published in 1930, under the direction of Annibale Comessatti. Since then, Rendiconti has appeared uninterruptedly, with the exception of 1944 and 1945, because of the war.

In the Seventies, under the direction of Giovanni Zacher, Rendiconti switched from a single volume per year to the present rate of two volumes per year, each approximately 250 pages long, published in June and December.

Editor in Chief
2005–present Andrea D'Agnolo
1993–2004 Francesco Baldassarri
1964–1993 Giovanni Zacher
1953–1963 Giuseppe Scorza Dragoni
1946–1952 Angelo Tonolo
1930–1943 Annibale Comessatti

Here are a list and some tables of members of the Editorial Board of the Rendiconti from its foundation.

Starting from 2000, a Managing Board has been created beside the Editorial Board.

Managing Editor
2000–present Francesco Baldassarri

Here are a list and some tables of its members.