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  • Lorenza Diomeda; Benedetta Lisena
    Propagation, reflection and refraction of singularities for a hyperbolic transmission problem in two adjacent angular regions
    78 1987 pages 1–26 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Vikram Jha; Norman L. Johnson
    Baer-elation planes
    78 1987 pages 27–45 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Paolo Acquistapace; Brunello Terreni
    A unified approach to abstract linear nonautonomous parabolic equations
    78 1987 pages 47–107 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • M. Badii; J. I. Diaz; A. Tesei
    Existence and attractivity results for a class of degenerate functional-parabolic problems
    78 1987 pages 109–124 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Carlo Marchioro; Enrico Pagani
    Nonlinear stability of a spatially symmetric solution of the relativistic Poisson-Vlasov equation
    78 1987 pages 125–143 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • H. M. Srivastava; H. S. Kasana
    A note on the construction of the proximate type of an entire Dirichlet series with index-pair (p,q)
    78 1987 pages 145–154 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Carlo Toffalori
    Dalle teorie p-ℵ0-categoriche a quelle ℵ0-categoriche: un passo intermedio (From p-ℵ0-categorical theories to ℵ0-categorical theories: an intermediate step)
    78 1987 pages 155–174 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Michael Schenke
    Analoga des Fundamentalsatzes der projektiven Geometrie in der Gruppentheorie. II
    78 1987 pages 175–225 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Alberto Bressan
    On differential systems with impulsive controls
    78 1987 pages 227–235 paper@numdam review@mr
  • Marco Sabatini
    Hopf bifurcation from infinity
    78 1987 pages 237–253 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Luisa Carini
    Centralizers and Lie ideals
    78 1987 pages 255–259 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • John D. O'Neill
    A theorem on direct products of slender modules
    78 1987 pages 261–266 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Federico Menegazzo; Derek J. S. Robinson
    A finiteness condition on automorphism groups
    78 1987 pages 267–277 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • Paul C. Eklof; Saharon Shelah
    A calculation of injective dimension over valuation domains
    78 1987 pages 279–284 paper@numdam review@mr review@zbl
  • V. Cristante
    Scomparsa di Iacopo Barsotti
    78 1987 pages 285 paper@numdam review@mr

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