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  • Paolo Antonini
    Boundary integral for the Ramachandran index
    131 2014 pages 1–14 paper@EMS review@mr
  • László Fuchs; Sang Bum Lee
    When all reduced strongly flat modules are projective
    131 2014 pages 15–21 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Damien Calaque
    A PBW theorem for inclusions of (sheaves of) Lie algebroids
    131 2014 pages 23–47 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Yongquan Hu; Stefano Morra; Benjamin Schraen
    Sur la fidélité de certaines représentations de GL2(F) sous une algèbre d’Iwasawa
    131 2014 pages 49–65 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Henry C. Simpson; Scott J. Spector
    A Product Property of Sobolev Spaces with Application to Elliptic Estimates
    131 2014 pages 67–76 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Luis M. Ezquerro; Xianhua Li; Yangming Li
    Finite Groups with Some CAP-subgroups
    131 2014 pages 77–87 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Tomoyuki Abe
    Explicit calculation of Frobenius isomorphisms and Poincaré duality in the theory of arithmetic D-modules
    131 2014 pages 89–149 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Abhishek Banerjee
    On the Lie transformation algebra of monoids in symmetric monoidal categories
    131 2014 pages 151–157 paper@EMS review@mr
  • James C. Robinson; Witold Sadowski
    A local smoothness criterion for solutions of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
    131 2014 pages 159–178 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Mamadou Sango; Calvin Tadmon
    On global well-posedness for the Einstein-Maxwell-Euler system in Bondi coordinates
    131 2014 pages 179–192 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Alberto López Martín
    Poincaré polynomials of stable map spaces to grassmanians
    131 2014 pages 193–208 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Masami Fujimori
    Connectedness of the Tannakian group attached to semi-stable multiple filtrations
    131 2014 pages 209–216 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Rinaldo M. Colombo; Elena Rossi
    On micro-macro limit in traffic flow
    131 2014 pages 217–235 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Manfred Dugas; Kelly Aceves; Bradley Wagner
    Localizations of tensor products
    131 2014 pages 237–258 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Carolina Vallejo Rodríguez
    A criterium for monomiality
    131 2014 pages 259–262 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Annibale Magni; Carlo Mantegazza
    A note on Grayson’s Theorem
    131 2014 pages 263–279 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Hadi Ahmadi; Bijan Taeri
    A graph related to the join of subgroups of a finite group
    131 2014 pages 281–291 paper@EMS review@mr

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