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  • Adimurthi; Shyam Sundar Ghoshal; G. D. Veerappa Gowda
    Finer regularity of an entropy solution for 1-d scalar conservation laws with non uniform convex flux
    132 2014 pages 1–24 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Ghasem Alizadeh Afrouzi; Nguyen Thanh Chung; S. Shakeri
    Positive solutions for a semipositone problem involving nonlocal operator
    132 2014 pages 25–32 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Sekhar Jyoti Baishya; Ashish Kumar Das
    Harmonic numbers and finite groups
    132 2014 pages 33–43 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Farid Behrouzi
    Almost periodic functions on groupoids
    132 2014 pages 45–59 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Satoru Fukasawa; Kei Miura
    Galois points for a plane curve and its dual curve
    132 2014 pages 61–74 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Ali Dino Jumani; Carol T. Zamfirescu; Tudor I. Zamfirescu
    Lattice graphs with non-concurrent longest cycles
    132 2014 pages 75–82 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Thomas Krämer
    Perverse sheaves on semiabelian varieties
    132 2014 pages 83–102 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Li Liang; Gang Yang
    Stability of Cartan-Eilenberg Gorenstein categories
    132 2014 pages 103–122 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Shitian Liu
    NSE characterization of projective special group L5(2)
    132 2014 pages 123–132 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Yichao Tian
    Classicality of overconvergent Hilbert eigenforms: case of quadratic residue degree
    132 2014 pages 133–229 paper@EMS review@mr
  • Nikola Tuneski; Maslina Darus; Elena Gelova
    Simple sufficient conditions for bounded turning
    132 2014 pages 231–238 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Dapeng Yu; Jinbao Li; Guiyun Chen; Yanheng Chen
    A characterization of automorphism groups of simple K3-groups
    132 2014 pages 239–247 paper@EMS review@mr review@zbl
  • Shutao Zhang; Yazhou Han; Jingbo Dou
    A class of Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg type inequality on the H-type group
    132 2014 pages 249–266 paper@EMS review@mr

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